Smart Start Day Nursery

Meet our Kitchen team!

Here at Smart Start Day Nursery we know the importance of a healthy balanced diet! Our dedicated team of kitchen staff provide fresh food daily brought in from local sources.

All fruits, vegetables and meats are sourced from local shops. Our cook produces homemade dishes freshly prepared on the premises!

An example of a weekly nursery menu is available to view below. Feel free to contact us for more details!

Cooked on the premises

Healthy Balanced Diet

Fresh Food

The planning of meals and snacks is very carefully considered to ensure that children have an excellent balance of nutrients. Children really enjoy the home cooked meals that are nutritious and varied and are prepared freshly on the premises.

View a sample of our weekly nursery menu below.

Cereals for breakfast are provided for those children that require it.

Pat’s Butchers in Little Aston supply our meat

Our fresh vegetables are supplied by Hayhead Farm Shop, Aldridge

Want to know more about our nursery menu?