Smart Start Day Nursery

About us

Here at Smart Start Day Nursery Sutton Coldfield we want children to feel loved and secure in the absence of their parents, to recognise other adults as a source of help, friendship and authority and to be able to share with their parents the new learning experiences enjoyed at nursery.

All children are taught the value of Friendship, Honesty, Sharing and most importantly Respect for others. We pride ourselves on the ‘home from home’ environment that nursery offers.

Pre-school Learning Alliance

We are members of the Pre-school Learning Alliance. Continuing training in the workplace is provided and we offer staff every opportunity to continue further studies and training with our full support and encouragement.

Baby unit

Babies aged 3 months – 24 months

At Smart Start Day Nursery Sutton Coldfield, we take babies from aged 3 months and they remain in our separated baby unit until they are 2 years old.

Babies aged 3 months – 24 months will be encouraged to further their development through the Early Years Foundation Stage.  In addition, they also have the opportunity for exercise and rest times. We have a daily routine for our babies, structured for their individual needs, and a daily report sheet will be completed for each baby.

Top unit

Toddlers and Pre-school

Our Pre-School is designed to develop children’s confidence in learning, self esteem and social skills, thereby equipping them for their continued education as they make their transition to school. Transition is managed by key members of nursery staff liaising with all schools that our children will attend.

Our open-plan, brightly designed rooms have the benefit of a carpet area, and hard floors.

Pre-school Uniforms

Children are expected to wear Smart Start Uniforms upon entry to our Pre-School room. The children like to wear the uniform and parents find it easy-wear.

We also have polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, skirts, shorts and jogging bottoms, all sold at cost price.